Cloud Transformation and Operations

Let us Review, Re-architect Re-factor your business to leverage the

full potential of the cloud.

Signintech helps customers take their best path to migrate applications to a fully managed cloud solution. With over a decade of experience, Signintech has built automation technology and methodologies for a simple lift & shift or a complex application modernization into a cloud-native microservices architecture.

Cloud Transformation Challenges.

Security & Compliance

  • Cloud security is a shared responsibility. Cloud providers have the mechanisms to implement and enforce security, but you need expertise to leverage them.

  • Ensuring that your cloud infrastructure supports your regulatory compliance needs requires specialized knowledge.

Cost Containment

  • It’s easy to implement systems in the cloud, but difficult to right-size it unless you know how.

  • Mapping your unique growth and scalability requirements to the right cloud solution requires experience and diligence.


  • Maximizing your investment in cloud infrastructure requires specific skills to ensure that architectural, economic and management principles are properly incorporated.

  • The cloud is designed to function as transparently as possible to your business. You should entrust its day-to-day operation to experts who can keep it that way.


Cloud Transformation

Our Comprehensive Framework Speeds Up Time To Value For Your Transformation Projects. Increase Agility & Realize Tangible Business Value With Cloud Transformation.




Implementing DevOps practices,
helps organisations to deliver quality software and reduce go-to-market timelines by automating the repetitive tasks of building applications consistently.



SignInTech offers testing services such as web application testing,API testing, Mobile application testing, Performance testing etc.,
utilising the proven industry standard tools and techniques which can be easily integrated with the CI/CD pipelines.

Our Approach

  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Automated migration to AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Accelerated application modernization using sensible automation
  • 24/7 Support with SLA Guarantees
  • Automation and deploying alerts and notification for the selected services. 
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Continuous deployments with advanced DevOps tools.
  • Continuous Cost Optimization
  • Continuous Modernization with automation